Mixed Flow Dryers

Even heating 和 cooling systems to help preserve grain quality.

For even heating 和 cooling to preserve grain quality. No screens to clean, clog or change! Innovative design is ideal for all crops, including rape seed, barley, wheat, rice 和 sunflower.
尼哥 dryers offer a range of moisture control solutions for your 尼哥 mixed flow dryer.
Monitor 和 maximize your dryer's capabilities with 尼哥's Dryer Master - guaranteed to take the guesswork out of drying grain.
对于一个简单的, cost-effective retro-fit on existing frame designs, the 尼哥 Drag Unload Retrofit is the perfect solution for gentle grain unloading.
For improved clean-out capabilities 和 grain quality, 尼哥's Cleanout Door Replacement Kit can accommodate a range of dryer sizes.
The Rear Platform Kit will provide safe 和 convenient access to the rear entry door of any 尼哥 dryer.
With the 尼哥 Fuel Train Upgrade, older dryers fuel requirements can be updated to accept electrical from mechanical fuel or from natural gas to liquid propane or vice versa.
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