Built for flexibility and adaptability, from small farm installations to large commercial grain operations.

Customizable to support everything from light loads to very high capacity conveyors of over 400 tonnes/hour with minimal use of towers, greatly reducing materials and installation costs.
Use a roll-formed “C” channel design constructed from 12-gauge heavy-duty galvanized steel for a comprehensive system that offers more strength, safety and stability than simple angle-iron products.
Specifically engineered for farm and other light-duty applications, Mayrath's Eclipse is the revolutionary tower & catwalk solution for grain handling and equipment support.
Available in four grades to accommodate various freespans and conveyor loads, the #6 Catwalk from AGI is an industry leader in tower walkway systems.
Suited for most on-farm grain storage and handling systems, AGI's RS Series Catwalk/Manwalk accommodate rigid freespans up to 69' (catwalk) and 75' (manwalk).
When you need that extra bit of support for heavier loads and longer spans - the Thru-Truss Catwalk by AGI has you covered!
For farm or large commercial grain installations, FRAME offers a wide range of galvanized Catwalks to support frames, ladders, and a wide range of catwalk accessories.
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